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Commitment. Responsibility. Sustainability.

Customer-oriented, reliable, responsible - these are our core values. We assume responsibility in all our actions - towards customers, business partners, employees, society and our environment. Social, ethical and ecological standards are taken into account in all our decisions and are subject to a continuous development process.

For us, sustainability means that we want to do business in a long-term and responsible manner, and that our customers, suppliers and employees should benefit from our growth. The challenges are immense and range from climate change and the availability of resources to digitalization and growing social inequality. In order to pursue our goals in a consistent and focused manner, we concentrate on the essentials and voluntarily declare the following commitments and declarations.

In addition, we define our understanding of integrity in the altares Code of Conduct.

Our Corporate Responsibility Principles describe our understanding of responsibility towards people and the environment. They form a binding framework for action for each of us.

To facilitate reading, we have restricted the text to male terms (employees).


We promise our customers high-quality service across all product areas. Under the comprehensive quality concept we understand the quality of the execution (of the project or the product), adherence to delivery dates, flexibility. In doing so, we focus on the needs of our customers and maintain open and transparent communication.

In the interest of our customers, the security of our products, both in the context of software provision and on site at events, has the highest priority for us.

We are committed to protecting the data of our customers and data relating to our products used by our customers. The data security of our customers has the highest priority. This also includes that we treat all data and information concerning our customers, of whatever kind, as strictly confidential and, if necessary, also demand this confidentiality from our suppliers. Last but not least, this also means that we do not talk about our customers.

Our actions are characterised by openness and honesty, which we also apply to our marketing and advertising activities. We do not promise everything, but what we promise, we want to keep. For this reason we reject misleading advertising on principle.


Our employees are the key to our success. They are the ones who shape Altares day after day and distinguish us from our competitors. Every employee makes an important contribution to our success. Our dedicated employees enable us to always offer our customers the best service - in terms of commitment, quality and competence. We delegate responsibility and give our employees the freedom to make independent decisions.

Fair play, respect and integrity are fundamental to our company. Acting ethically also means protecting human rights. Not only to take responsibility for our colleagues, but to serve as a good example wherever we operate.

We are committed to ensuring that every employee has individual opportunities for personal growth and development - regardless of origin, religion or belief, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and promote equal opportunities and equal treatment. The personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual are respected and are inviolable. Employees are selected, hired and promoted on the basis of their qualifications and skills. Degrading treatment of employees, such as through psychological hardship, sexual harassment and the like, will not be tolerated.

In order to continue our success story, we want to attract talented people who will develop our company together with us. We achieve this by offering a stimulating, efficient and supportive working environment and by always acting honestly, fairly and responsibly.

We place a major emphasis on the training and further education of our employees with the aim of anchoring customer orientation, environmental and safety awareness and awareness of the company's social responsibility towards society through a common understanding and appropriate behaviour.

We see ourselves as an old family and focus on long-term relationships. This includes supporting our employees in the various phases of their lives. We allow them to share in the company's success through attractive remuneration and reward above-average performance.

We ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This requires strict compliance with safety regulations and practices. Systematic observation and responsible handling of dangerous situations sharpen our employees' awareness of occupational safety and strengthen the preventive effect of accident avoidance measures.


Reliability is a high value for us. We place the same demands on our customers in this respect as we do on our supplier partners. For this reason, it is necessary that our supplier partners commit themselves to observe our guidelines laid down in this document and that they make these a commitment to their suppliers. In order to ensure this, the guidelines set out here are an integral part of our general terms and conditions of purchase and are the subject of recurring supplier audits.

In the case of our suppliers, we make sure that no form of forced labour is used. The same applies to the employment of workers who are not of the local legal minimum age. As a matter of principle, we do not tolerate the employment of workers younger than 15 years.

We recognize that materials made from recycled materials have made a sustainable contribution to the preservation of an environment worth living in. Therefore, we are also committed to sustainable procurement.

But we also want to be a good partner ourselves. That is why we are happy to cooperate in a spirit of partnership.


Our business activities have a considerable influence on the climate and environment. This applies not only to our purchasing policy, but also to our business operations.

We want to minimize the ecological footprint of our business activities. We strive to become as climate-neutral a company as possible and are committed to continuously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

To this end, we will steadily increase energy efficiency throughout our company and make more and more use of renewable energies. This applies especially to the area of information and communication technology.

We want to achieve extensive recycling of our waste and act in accordance with the principle "Avoid, Reuse, Recycle".