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altares-GuestManager Automotive Edition

With altares-GuestManager Automotive, we offer a participant management and event software solution that is specially tailored to the requirements of the automotive industry.

It supplements the classic participant management functions of our GuestManager with important processes that are required at events with driving-active modules, such as:

Vehicle database

Central database of all available vehicles with registration number, type, extras etc.

Recording of trips

Recording of drivers/passengers on routes by barcode or QR code both at fixed and mobile scan points (departure, coffee stop etc.).

Digital logbook

For each vehicle, it is possible to see any time who - when - was on the road with the vehicle on which route. Of course, it is possible to see for each guest when he or she was booked into which vehicle.

Vehicule booking

Possibility to book and reserve vehicles in advance via the front- and backend as well as on site at the booking counter.

Drive counter

Front-end for vehicle booking at the counter with electronic recording of the driver's license and, if necessary, a digital signature solution for the disclaimer.
The turnkey solution not only saves development and adaptation time, but at the same time enables on-site process optimization.