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GuestManager On-Location Edition

Field of application: designed for pure on-site use. Our On-Location Edition offers everything you need for on-site accreditation: a scanner front-end for recording guests by name, barcode or QR-code as well as RFID, ad-hoc printing of name badges and luggage tags and always up-to-date attendance lists.

The On-Location Edition is completely self-sufficient and can be used on site without an Internet connection.

The functions of the On-Location Edition are naturally included in the other editions.

The most important features include:


Mobile ticketing

Mobile ticket-compatible check-in/out by name, barcode, QR code or RFID for the entire event or individual program items/workshops

Ad-hoc registration

Simple registration of guests at check-in with recording of all necessary data

Ad-hoc printing

Ad-hoc production of name badges and luggage tags at guest check-in

Always up-to-date

Constantly updated presence and no-show lists in the check-in front end or via app

Different solutions

Server-based or simple server-less solution, depending on application and functional requirements


Connection of extensions for social media, wardrobe etc.

On-Location Edition

from 875 /event

Extensions for the On-Location Edition:

Information and interaction - the key elements of our live app. These include the guest's personal program, voting functions, live chat, question management with back-office tools and much more.
Direct interfaces of our on-site solution allow postings of your guests on Facebook, Twitter etc. on site at terminals, but above all also automatically at check-in.
Digital capture of signatures of your guests at check-in, for example for confidentiality or insurance declarations.
The digital cloakroom replaces the old-fashioned coat check. Instead, the cloakroom items are deposited in the guest's name. The cloakroom information can be made available to the guest ad-hoc in an app, if used, or by e-mail.

But the real highlight of the digital cloakroom is that you have a personal contact even when the guest checks out, you can save the check-out time and give the guest important information at this point, e.g. about possibly delayed flights, the right shuttle to the hotel or similar.


The Live Seating Tool offers both manual and automatic seat assignment according to defined rules directly at the check-in of the guests. On mobile devices, the team always has a live overview of the occupancy status and can also intervene directly in the seating, e.g. to reserve seats for personal security.

Automated SMS communication/information of attendants at check-in of certain guests (e.g. VIPs).