AWS EMEA Summits 2022

AWS EMEA Summits 2022

AWS Global Summits are large and free technology events that take place around the globe and bring together the AWS (Amazon Web Services) community. 

altares was allowed to implement the EMEA Summits in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan between April and June 2022.

Registration and check-in

With guest numbers ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 attendees per day, quick guest registration was a bit of a challenge. "Despite sometimes less than optimal local conditions, we were able to avoid longer queues even at peak times. Check-in with ticket scanning, badge checking and ad-hoc printing of medium-format 4-color paper badges took an average of 24 seconds per guest. A super value," says Managing Partner Christian Ermisch.

Session and workshop attendees were also captured using mobile session scanners.

Lead capture for sponsors and exhibitors

For sponsors, the primary goal is to collect new contacts. To this end, altares provided up to 350 mobile devices with the altares leadscan app, which sponsors could use to capture leads at their booths at any time.

All contacts collected in this way were transmitted electronically to the respective exhibitors after the end of the event. 

the guest experience specialists.