Solutions for sustainable name badges

Solutions for sustainable name badges

Almost every organizer is confronted with questions about the sustainability of his events. Topics such as CO2 compensation for the arrival of guests are not easy to manage, but above all involve a lot of administrative effort.

Other parts are much easier to tweak.

1. Live badge printing

We have long recommended not printing name badges until the guest checks in. Such a live badging not only saves you money, but also protects the environment by only printing the badges that are actually needed. This pays off, especially with higher no-show rates and generic card layouts (e.g. only with your company logo).

In addition to the advantages in terms of sustainability, you also save time and money on registration. Printing a badge takes just 3-7 seconds. You won't be able to find a pre-printed name badge faster than that.

2. Paper name badges 

If you want to go one step further, you can use paper badges that are 100% recyclable as waste paper.

We supply the badges in three different formats, from the standard business card format to large badges measuring 96.5 x 134 mm. After printing, the badges are folded together and attached to the lanyard using the pre-punched holes. The badges are stable and tear-resistant thanks to a stronger self-adhesive backing.

Because the paper badges are completely printed on both sides in four colors within 7 seconds, no pre-production is necessary. For you, this means maximum flexibility with regard to the layout of the badges. You can literally change the print layout up to the last minute. And above all, this makes it possible to also print group colors directly on the badges. With plastic cards, such a four-color print would take up to 4 times too long and would not be suitable for ad-hoc production at check-in.

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