EURONICS KOOP 2021 - virtual congress

EURONICS KOOP 2021 - virtual congress

After the digital implementation of the Euronics Summer Convention in 2020, the virtual congress KOOP 2021 was held in March 2021. From March 1 to 5, around 2,500 participants from Euronics companies and industry partners took part in the virtual trade fair.

In addition to the virtual trade fair platform, Euronics once again offered its dealers many exciting strategy topics as live streams, moderated by Judith Rakers, as well as workshops and key notes.

Of course, the deals were not to be missed this time either. At three fixed broadcast times per day, product managers presented exciting offers from the various product areas, which could then be ordered.

Euronics was able to win Bülent Ceylan for the presentation of the deals, who announced the respective product areas with a lot of fun and humor. 

In the run-up to KOOP 2021, Euronics members already participated in the virtual company type meeting on two preceding event days - a mix of livestream on the two mornings and several video-on-demand contents released at specific times.

The programming schedule thus included a total of 7 broadcast days with nearly 40 live shows.

As with ESC 2020, not only was vivent used as the livestreaming platform, but we were also responsible for the entire technical production implementation with our mobile studio.

An exciting format that our team is happy to plan and implement for you as well.

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